Sell Your RV for More


Selling a Recreational Vehicle whether it is a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop up or truck camper at the highest price is the goal of most people that are trying to sell an RV. What makes an RV worth more to a buyer? The answer to that question could be worth a lot of money.

Make sure you have taken the time and made all the effort to prepare your recreational vehicle to show, detailed information can be found in the article "Preparing Your RV to Sell". If there are any rusted or badly worn parts, consider replacing them, at least do all that you can to clean them up. Worn tires, especially front tires can mean that the RV is out of alignment, so make sure you have taken care of every detail before you show it the first time.

If your RV is clean and everything works properly, there are two very important steps to selling it for the most possible. You really need to know what to advertise as the selling price, and what the real value is, so you will know how low to go. There are resources on the internet to help, such as The Kelly Blue book, and the NADA, just realize they are only guidelines. The most accurate answer to what is it really worth is what someone is willing to pay for it. The best way to figure that out is to spend as much time as you can searching the internet for RV's as close to yours as you can find, and see what they are asking for them, just remember that it is not likely that you can get as much as a dealer can. If you see any close to yours that say "Sold" call or write the individual and explain that you are trying to sell one like theirs, and would they mind telling you what they sold it for. Most people will be willing to talk to you about it, and tell you how long it took them to sell it and what they were able to sell it for. Advertising is one of the most necessary pieces to getting the most for a recreational vehicle. There are a large number of people that are willing to travel to buy the right recreational vehicle, so take advantage of that and advertise all over the country. The easiest and most economical way to do that is RV classified ads on the internet. They are very affective if you write them properly, give every detail in the description, and take as many digital pictures as possible showing every angle of the inside and outside. Most of the classifieds offer discounts for three months or even until sold, since it may take a few months to sell your RV, you should consider those options. Advertising with more than one RV classified will get you even more exposure, and not cost a significant amount of money. Spending a couple hundred dollars in advertising will easily pay for itself in the sale of your RV.

The time of the year that you are trying to sell a recreational vehicle has a lot to do with how quick it will sell and how much you will get for it. In parts of the country that have cold winters, the spring is the best time of the year to sell an RV, In the areas with warm climates all year, the winter months are the best season since a lot of people migrate to those areas during the winter months. If you advertise on the internet you will benefit from both of those seasons.