Finding an RV Buyer


Selling a Recreational Vehicle whether it is a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop up or truck camper at the highest price is the goal of most people that are trying to sell an RV. There are many people interested in purchasing a Recreational Vehicles, the challenge is to find one that is looking for exactly what you are selling. There is a buyer out there somewhere, the challenge is to find them as quickly as possible.

One very important thing that you need to do is get it ready to sell, detailed information can be found in the article "Preparing Your RV to Sell". The way to get the most for your RV is to find many people that are interested in buying it, and the way to do that is to advertise it. If you park it in your front yard with a for sale sign in the window, how many people will see it? How many of the people that see it are really interested in buying an RV? The key is to advertise in a place that has the most people shopping for used recreational vehicles, there are several classifieds that specialize in RV's on the internet.

Take several clear, properly lit and quality digital pictures of every part of the inside and the outside, and put as many as possible in the ad. Make sure the picture that appears in listing section of the ad is one of the side and front of your RV. Give as many details in the description as you can, list every thing that is an option so any perspective buyer will know for sure. Take a few minutes and look at other ads and you will get an idea what you would like to see if you were shopping for a recreational vehicle. It is a good idea to list a phone number and the times that you will be available to answer the phone and answer questions about the ad. Be willing to take more pictures and let the perspective buyer know that, so they can tell you what they would like to see. They may be calling from anywhere in the country, so be prepared to spend time talking to them, exchange e mail addresses, so you have another way to communicate. If they are new to camping, be willing to talk about places that you have been, so they will feel comfortable that you will help them get started.

Call the bank or finance company that has the loan now, and ask if they would be willing to finance it for the person that might buy it. Get the information so you can tell a prospective buyer that you have the contact information and that they are interested in continuing to finance the RV for a new owner, that will be a valuable piece in selling it yourself. When someone looks at your RV, offer to let them test drive it, but make sure they have driven something that big. Go with them and answer questions as they drive it.

To determine a fair price for an RV, you can look on Kelly blue book or NADA web sites, however they are only averages, you can get a better idea what they are selling for by shopping yourself on the internet for one like yours. Keep in mind that RV dealers can usually get more for a used RV than you can, because they can offer a warranty and will be able to stand behind any thing that breaks down, and that has value.